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  • There is nothing more exciting, challenging, and fun than playing music with others. At Ovation, we believe that playing in an ensemble is one of the most important goals of music study. Our Rock Shop program puts students of similar skill levels together in a band situation where everyone is encouraged to express their musical feel and taste. The band is given one of our teachers as a mentor and help the students pick a band name and a set list. At the end of the 12 week program students hit the stage and perform in front of a live audience. Programs are available for children and adults throughout the whole year so get out of the audience and get onstage and embrace your inner Rockstar!.




  • When summer hits there’s only one place parents choose to bring their kids. Our summer camp offers students an opportunity to not only have a lot of fun, but also grow as musicians while learning the process of working with others. At the end of camp, students perform live on stage in front of family, friends and fans. Summer will never be the same!




Songwriter Creative Workshops are intimate gatherings that are designed to celebrate the creativity in all of us. With a mission to provide guidance and mentorship to help you tap into your creativity, each event is inspirational, challenging, and ultimately life-changing. In these sessions you will work closely with your mentor to find new ways into your songs—through poems, rhythms and melodies—that will open up your channels of inspiration. At the end of the program the student is more then welcome to perform their piece at the next Ovation Music showcase.